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PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2013 3:18 pm 
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Been trying to get Lion (10.7.5) to work on my R61 for a few days now and i'm drawing a blank here. I'm not unfamiliar with hackintoshing but this has me stumped. I' have a bunch of kexts, confirmed working (at least on T61, but its the same hardware anyway) and the all cause KP. Graphics (x3100) wint accept the kext, keyboard mouse works when it wants etc.

Thinkpad Edge E530 | Intel i7-3610 | Intel HD 4000 | 8GB DDR3-1600 | Intel 330 180GB+64GB Kingston mSATA | 6 cell | Windows 8.1 Pro/Ubuntu 15.04 |
Thinkpad X61s | L7500 | Intel X3100 | 8GB DDR2-800 | Intel 330 180GB + 160GB Samsung | Gobi 3000 | 8 Cell | Windows 7 | Windows XP 64 bit |

PostPosted: Tue Jul 16, 2013 7:20 pm 

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UPDATE: Recently managed to install Lion and almost fully working. Picked up an AR9380 card and found out that Snow Leopard doesn't support that so got motivated to install Lion. Used older Intel X3100 kexts and VoodooTSCSync. VoodooHDA v2.8.4 seems to be working with mic(sound a little low). Probably need to create a DSDT for brightness control and speedstep.

I've been trying to install OSX on an R61 off and on for a while. Had a day and hit on a method which seems to have worked.

I had trouble doing the installation at all which made this more interesting. Kernel panics kept happening with the least frustrating occurring before OSX actually booted. USB ports wouldn't work properly which made installation impossible since the thinkpad keyboard+trackpoint weren't working either. Finally hit on a less frustrating technique of using a Macbook Pro and external firewire enclosure for the base install including bootloader and some necessary kexts.

Lion was never stable. I'm currently writing this post using Snow Leopard on the R61 after replacing the wireless Intel 3945ABG card with a DW1395(Broadcom 4311).

Steps taken(1->4 are on different computer):
1)Prepare hard drive by using actual Apple computer or less problematic compatible computer. Preparation means booting from installation media and going through the required steps to install OSX.
2)Do all updates from other computer(this requires rebooting). *Optional*
3)Install bootloader+required kexts. I used Multibeast 3.10(Snow Leopard) EasyDSDT+PS/2 with "GraphicsEnabler=No", "arch=i386", and "npci=0x2000".
4)Delete /System/Library/Extensions/AppleHPET.kext. This kext caused problems with USB and SATA.
5)First boot on R61 should go smoothly but you may need to add the boot options from step 3.
6)Install additional kexts. VoodooBattery, VoodooHDA, and possibly VoodooPower. Remove AppleHDA if using an older version of VoodooHDA.

The DW1395 card required editing AppleAirPortBrcm4311.kext inside IO80211Family.kext to add the device id. Volume is reasonable with VoodooHDA-2.8.4 but builtin mic doesn't work. Audio through the jacks works if iGain is increased to make the mic work. VoodooHDA prior to version 2.61 has working mic but low volume. Sleep doesn't work. Brightness is set to max. I suspect that most of these issues will require a custom DSDT and replacing AppleHPET.kext.

R61:4GB:T8100:Intel X3100:OSX Lion(10.7.5)

PostPosted: Mon Nov 18, 2013 2:48 pm 

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Thought I'd Chime in seeing as I stumbled upon this post and would like to help...

8930-A41 Model. 15'4. x3100.

Bought off ebay for £50.00 as it was a Celeron and could be upgraded easily to T9300 2.5 6MB Cache with Middletons Bios.

My steps were simple.

Perform the Middleton Bios Upgrade, Install T9300, install SSD and 2X4gb ddr2 667.

Iatkos Lion: This was preferred as it had already support for my touchpad in the install screens and could perform a base install of 10.7.2.

Keyboard + Mouse and Working Wireless.

I ensured the defaults were checked but made sure the boot option was set to 32bit with a 32bit TSCSync.

No sound, ethernet, wireless or graphics options set as I knew this machine was fussy and had my own to put in place.

We Just want to get through the install and to the desktop....

You will be without ethernet, sound and keyboard+mouse. Get a wired usb keyboard and mouse.

You may have a really laggy experience first boot, the goal of this is to get the extensions in to repair the lag and get past the quirks of a bare system with no support as of yet.

Get to the desktop install 10.7.5 and reboot…

2nd Boot...

Ok now copy my Tools folder to Utilities...
(I hope you have a working wireless for this part)
Run Champlist in tools to update Chameleon. Nothing more.

Copy Contents of Extra folder to Extra, or make Extra folder in your HDD if not there.

Delete AppleHDA.kext from your HDD's S/L/E

Now open Tools in the Utilities folder, run Kext Wizard.
Install contents of System/Library/Extensions to your HDD's /S/L/E.

Dont Close Kext Wizard.
Now install ps2.pkg in working mouse folder.

Back in Maintenance Wizard section of Kext Wizard:

Make sure repairing Extra and S/L/E is all checked and run and wait.

Once done run applejack installer and reboot into single user mode:
type in command line:
applejack auto reboot

reboot into a working R61 10.7.5 system.

What Doesn't work (So Far).

Sleep. < Need to research unloading possible problematic kexts.

Display Brightness (But I think I can fix this).

My System is a very basic model as I know bluetooth is an issue in osx86 and didnt want to have an always on device draining battery. I have a usb dongle in my ultrabay and that suffices my needs. This model has no fingerprint reader. The Wireless card is a swap out from an old macbook pro core2duo.

I am pretty sure between us all we could make this work easy enough, I am happy on mine at present and have not really had any big issues. I am just currently trying to stop the tap to click behaviour thats all :D

Included is some apps to help through the installer and later on perhaps.

Happy Hackintoshing R61'ers!


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