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PostPosted: Mon Jul 18, 2011 12:39 pm 

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I am beyond puzzled and frustrated - and my IT consultants are as well! I'm hoping for any guidance.

Over the past 6 months our small business purchased 6 different Thinkpad laptops - 4 R500 models, and 2 SL510 models. I have had a significant amount of trouble with my 2 SL510's. I am having trouble deciding if this issue is a configuration issue with the machines, a hardware issue with them (they were purchased together and likely from the same batch), or an issue with my IT infrastructure. Here is our setup, which is important:

We have 2 offices, each with 10-18 machines, a mixture of desktops and laptops. We all connect back to a central server at "Location1". We have Cisco VPN's at each location, but more regularly connect back via Microsoft Remote Desktop. We use terminal services to publish programs to employee desktops. I hope i'm getting my terms right - i'm new to the IT world!

SO - that being said - when we are at Location 1 where the server is, the SL510's connect just fine to the server via remote desktop. When I take them over to Location 2, they connect to the internet with no problems but will not connect to the server via remote desktop. If I can get them to connect (which is rare) the connection dies almost instantly after connecting. So if the machine works at location 1 and not location 2, this leads me to believe the issue was with my IT infrastructure, but every other comptuer, including my lenovo thinkpad R500, connects just fine. So how could it be the infrastructure?!

On the other hand, if the SL510 connects just fine at Location 1, how could it be the laptop!?

I'm stumped. What could possibly be the issue?! It's almost as if the SL510 simply "doesn't like" something over there... any suggestions at all?? My IT guy said he thinks the network card might be bad in the laptops, and that i should send it back under warranty, but i'm just not 100% sure this is it... help!

Thanks for your time!

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